Served vs. Serve

Someone, Virginia Talmudge actually, although sadly I don’t know who that is, prayed this:

“Lord, help me to keep Christmas unhurried. Let us make a soft manger bed of worship in my heart for you and take time for adoration of the Babe of Christmas”

A soft manger bed of worship… I like that.

I have been thinking about servanthood over the last little while- perhaps bought to mind by the bartenders and waitors who have been giving me food and drink at various Christmas gatherings.

It is a key trait of the God-man that came to earth. This whole creator of the universe wiping donkey dung from feet scenario.

I like to think of this idea: that when we follow God’s example of humble. humble, humble servanthood we are giving us and other space to adore him. Little acts of secret service can be like building the frame of the soft manger bed of worship in our hearts.

It is Christmas. day Take time to show unhurried love. Grasp the chance to go out of your way to make a drink for someone. Carry someones bags for them. Offer round the mince pies. Hoover up the wayward pines from the tree.  As you do it dwell on this humble King … and worship.


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