Relapse…or Response?

I don’t know about you, but I find that Christmas seems to disappear incredibly quickly. After such anticipation, decorations having been up since October, and adequate time to remind ourselves of what the season is really about, after Boxing Day everything seems to slip very quickly back into ‘normality’. Suddenly everybody is focused on New Year’s Eve (and whatever other holidays your country might celebrate) and before you know it, all the hospitality and goodwill and generosity and wonder fade into the background, as sales and work/school and resolutions and losing festive weight become the focus. We relapse.

What’s the point of spending precious time meditating on this precious event if it doesn’t result in a response? And not a response that manifests itself only on Christmas day, but a response that flows through our lives and into the new year?

I was told once that if you were unsure how to respond to the miracle of Christmas, to look at the guys who were there at the first one.

First, there’s the shepherds. After coming to see baby Jesus, their response was to go out and tell people what they had witnessed. The miracle inspired evangelism.

Later, there’s the wise men. After hearing about this same baby, their response was to bring him gifts that symbolised how adored and revered he was – gifts for a king. The miracle inspired worship.

May our reponse to Christmas be one that shows others who Jesus is. A response that worships him with all we are and all we have. A response that lasts well after December 25th. A response fit for a king.


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