Inn…or Stable?

Is my heart looking more like an inn or a stable?

The inn could not accomodate Jesus. It was full. In comparison to the stable, it was probably a clean place. A self-sufficient place.

We all know that their was no room for Jesus at the inn. But it’s easy to overlook the characteristics of the inn when they exist in our own hearts.

Are we too ‘full’ – too preoccupied and busy to turn our attention to Jesus? Are we too ‘clean’ – too organised and precious to let him come in and mess up our thinking? Are we too self-sufficient – not realising how much we need him?

The stable on the other hand, could – and did – accomodate Jesus. Whether the ‘stable’ was in fact a cave or an enclosure or a hut or anything else, it was available. It was open. Inclusive. Humble. Raw. Real.

That’s what my heart should look like. As messy and unlikely as it may be, it needs to be available.

Jesus only had one birthday. It happened a long time ago in a stable. But I want to make sure that every single day, I’m as open and real toward him as that old stable was. And I never want to be like the innkeeper, and tell Jesus that I have no room for him.

It’s a cheesy analogy, but if you can’t be cheesy during the festive season, then when can you 🙂


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